Fish, Flora, Fauna & Insects

Contact Us

You can contact Charlie (Promise Land Fossils) at 307-877-3641.
Promise Land address is:
P.O. Box 152
Kemmerer, Wy. 83101

We are currently in the process of getting internet to the quarry, when this happens Charlie will have an email address (no promises that he will reply to or even read his email).

You can also leave messages for Charlie on the Facebook and twitter accounts - links at the bottom of the page. Again no promises as we are currently going to town for a working internet.
It would help us if you could follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


All digging tools will be supplied except packing material.

Prices - Adult:
4hrs = $55.00
8hrs = $100.00

Kids - 13 years and younger:
4hrs = $35.00

Items You Can Bring

One or two boxes with packing material such as bubble wrap or news paper.
Knee pads are helpful.
Gloves are optional.
Small chair or low stool.
Hat, Sunscreen, Water / Cold Drinks, Lunch, Camera...
4wd vehicle - if not you will be given a ride up to the quarry.

About Us

Charlie Nunn - Snowboarder, Snowmobiler, Philanthropist, Aluminum Can Recycler.