Promise Land Fossils operates the Blue Moon Quarry located in the Green River Formation.

The quarry is in the northern part of the Green River Formation in a section known as Fossil Lake and is open for fee digging by reservation from mid April thru October.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Quarry is at 7,100 ft. with spectacular views overlooking parts of Fossil Butte National Monument 4 miles to the west. Also located on the property is a ancient indian campsite where an amazing variety of artifacts have been found.

Promise Land

Quarry Location

Located 6 miles west of Kemmerer on U.S. Highway 30. For those that have in vehicle GPS, we have included Ladtitue/Longitude numbers along with the satilite view of the location.

Contact Us

We run smaller more personal groups and have the best dig pricing in the area. Group sizes are no bigger than 10 people usually 2 to 6 people. You will need to contact us to reserve a date.

Fee Dig Pricing

With a little patience and perseverance you can have a successful day at the quarry!

Check the Date

The calander will show if the quarry has been booked for a date and if not booked how many openings are left for that date.

What to Bring

Remember it's a rock quarry. Here are a few suggestions to help you through out the day.

Fossils Currently in Inventory

We have many different types of fossils that are prepped and ready for shipping.

About Us

Charlie will tell you that of the 20 Claw Bat featured on this page, he found the most primitive and best preserved bat fossil in the world.

Fossil Friends

Located in the Fossil Lake area there are several "Fee Dig" Quarrys. Also we have the Fossil Butte National Monument with a termendous collection of fossils from the Fossil Lake area.